What governs the West is best described as “racial socialism.” Racial socialism is, in Peter Brimelow’s definition, the “use of state power to shift resources from taxpayers, predominantly white, to [favored] constituencies, predominantly minority and above all black.” It’s this regime that Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like has called “Black Run America” (BRA).

The point is not that blacks actually govern America (although they do symbolically through the Obama Administration). Nor would I agree that blacks are always at the top of the food chain of state favored “victims.” The point is that multicultural grievances provide the ideological justification for the confiscation of resources from whites and their redistribution to minorities. Black slavery is the most well-known “Original Sin” of the American Experiment and thus the most widely deployed, but all the other victim groups are represented – and new ones are being invented all the time. Aside from serving as a framework for policy, the various victim groups provide a way for opportunists to accumulate power and wealth – as Elizabeth Warren, who claimed to be an American Indian while at Harvard, knows full well.

A kosher conservative might say racial socialism is simply National Socialism (Nazism), only with nonwhites and Jews in charge. The difference is that a fundamental precept of National Socialism is only a member of the nation can be a full citizen of the state. Or, as some white nationalists have put it, “our race is our nation.” Therefore, socialism is married to a project of social justice, eugenics, health, territorial expansion, and technology. The upward development of a racially homogenous national community is the purpose of the state and the source of its legitimacy. The “socialism” of National Socialism is the subordination of the private economic interests of the rich to the well-being of the entire national community.

In contrast, racial socialism as practiced in Obama’s America does not require racial homogeneity. Indeed, it could not function in a racially homogenous community. Racial socialism relies upon the confiscation of the wealth of European-Americans. White communities are targeted by the government in order to make them more racially diverse and therefore dysfunctional. The problems inherent to diversity result in greater inequality and social unrest, which paradoxically provide the purpose of the government and the source of its legitimacy. In short, a multicultural government will pledge itself to fighting the problems that it has created.

Samuel Francis wrote that most elites in history were conservative because they had a stake in the continuity of the civilization they created. However, the managerial elite described by James Burnham that runs our society has its power increased by social dysfunction. Thus, we have a government which deliberately imports people because they will be burdens on the state, outsiders in the culture, or sources of social dysfunction. The more chaotic and incapable the society is and the more time and money government has to waste providing for helpless clients, the more empowered are the managerial elite. Multiculturalism and opposition to white “racism” is simply the ideological justification for the system of power and control that we call racial socialism. And while the use of Cultural Marxist rhetoric makes “racial socialism” a useful designation, a more accurate one might be “racial parasitism.”

Racial socialism encapsulates the core argument against America. It is the systematic sacrifice of the best of society for the sake of the worst.The structure of incentives created by government actually promotes dysgenics, welfare dependency, single motherhood, family breakdown, and the collapse of a social order that doesn’t require constant government intervention. These are not problems but features of the system.

The continual dysfunction of government also creates its own controlled opposition – libertarianism. Because government in a multicultural society can’t govern, dissenters turn away from the idea of power in disgust.They assume no government can do things like provide quality education, administer a transportation system, or pioneer technological advances.As a result, instead of the American Right seriously discussing seizing power for themselves, American conservatives and libertarians convince themselves that they are actually fighting the Left by opening the borders or providing tax cuts to their plutocratic enemies.The creed of “limited government” ensures that the rulers of the government never face any actual resistance, as the American Right focuses on the hammer rather than on those who wield it.

Ronald Reagan famously joked that the most terrifying words in the English language were “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” Today, the government does not bother with the pretense of saying they are here to help. Instead, they offer us frank hostility – justifying mass immigration on the grounds that it “punishes” us or will “rub the Right’s face in diversity.” And unlike in Reagan’s joke, they may not even announce themselves at all — just toss flashbangs into the house and shoot you.

As Jack Donovan reminds us, “Violence is Golden” and one can hardly complain about a state that is backed by violence. That’s the point of a state. But this state doesn’t give us order – it makes sure there is no resistance to the destruction of strong communities.

For example, state power, and thus state violence, was used to destroy white communities in Chicago in order to create the violent dystopia that exists in the Second City today. To borrow a memorable phrase from Mayor Daley at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago – “The police aren’t here to create disorder. The police are here to preserve disorder.”

Racial socialism is perhaps the most skillful accomplishment of our enemies because of how easily it transcends the labels of Left and Right. The plutocrats are in league with the community organizer; the National Security Agency shares common interests with the “anarchist” anti-fascists. This is why the political debates of mainstream politics seem so hopelessly petty, and the rhetoric of conservatives and libertarians so irrelevant to the actual problems faced by the American people.

But in another way, racial socialism is actually simple to explain. It is whites paying for their own dispossession. It’s the multicultural elite encouraging and monetizing the dysfunction of the poor and the deracination of European-Americans. And it’s eminently simple to point it out to other whites once you understand that every urban wasteland, black flash mob, or immigrant invasion isn’t a “problem.” They’re just your tax dollars at work.


Greece and Rome stand triumphant above all others in our celebration of beauty as a religious testament, gods of muscle and eroticism, gods of perfect breasts, smooth skin, tousled hair, broad shoulders bearing swords and shields, there is nothing of the slave in the Grecian aesthetic.

Revolt should be stylish and beautiful, noble and elitist…our Tradition is passed via the soul and the soul of Sparta is in perfection. The Marxists had their revolution in the 60’s and 70’s via a conspicuous wave of drugs and “free love” which managed to subversively indoctrinate the youth to the idea of sex and happiness being associated with Marxist ideas. The same is true for our revolution, the only difference being we are actually telling the truth. We are not reducing men and women to economic statistics for our benefit, we are elevating men and women to their rightful place as expressions of their gods and their ancestors, where instead of promoting promiscuity, adultery, drug addiction and national suicide we will promote motherhood, tribalism, joy and truth in the celebration of individual beauty.

As firmly as we stand against the idea of Marxism being a sexy and revolutionary system (anyone who believes the Bolsheviks or Mensheviks were sexy or stylish is a fucking moron) we equally stand in opposition to the stuffy, weak and castrated conservatism of the 19th and 20th centuries. Destroying the Marxist brain washing propaganda will not mean accepting the Toryism of cretins like Thatcher and her suit wearing conservative cabal who are as much responsible for the destruction of Europe as our most hated enemies. Indeed the traitors within so called revolutionary conservatism have probably done as much damage to the idea of Tradition and a true reborn Roman aristocracy than any Marxist ever could have.

Joy! Love! Sex and violence! No stuffiness, no dusty relics heaved out of the mausoleum of British imperialism and erected as if they were gods in the old temples of commerce and corruption. We worship youth and beauty and the fire of desire that demands those very things which Marxist and Capitalist alike despise, beyond left and right we stand as a knife in the heart of that entire politicised economic way of thinking. Fuck your bill of rights we want vascularisation. Fuck your plan for growth we want knives and guns. Fuck your black tie dinner we want a fire side celebration of beauty through severity and extremity.

Rome’s fires once burned an entire continent and will do so again as two ancient methods of thinking come into conflict inside our nations, communities, bodies, minds and crucially our souls. What Nietzsche referred to as the eternal warfare:

“Rome against Judea, Judea against Rome.

The Aphrodite of Frejus at the Louvre

The Aphrodite of Frejus at the Louvre

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"The Greeks understood the mysterious power of the hidden side of things. They bequeathed to us one of the most beautiful words in our language—the word ‘enthusiasm’—en theos—a god within. The grandeur of human actions is measured by the inspiration from which they spring. Happy is he who bears a god within, and who obeys it."
Louis Pasteur (via portionsofeternity)

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"It was Christianity’s great achievement to exhaust the soul by defaming sexual passion. But in prohibiting the urge—the “rune within the flesh” (Alfred Schuler)—it thwarted the very possibility of its renewal. And erotic satisfaction is the pre-condition for all cosmic radiance."
Ludwig Klages (via hierarchical-aestheticism)
"Without the belief that there’s something above you, and before you, and beyond you, and behind you that leads to that which is above you, we seem as a species content to slough down into the lowest common denominator."
Jonathan Bowden (via blacksungoldensun)
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"Equality is a rather perverse thought, like leveling mountains and filling canyons… in human terms, an active war against the exceptional by the average."